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游泳池调节剂,是游泳池常用到的PH调节药剂,主要用于提高游泳池水的PH值,属于游泳池水处理药剂的一种。 Product features: Swimming pool conditioner is a commonly used pH adjusting agent in swimming pools. It is mainly used to increase the pH value of swimming pool water and belongs to a pool water treatment agent.

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Product description:
Swimming pool pH adjuster is a commonly used pH adjusting agent for swimming pools. It is mainly used to increase the pH value of swimming pool water and belongs to a pool water treatment agent.
The swimming pool disinfectant is often used in swimming pools. The aqueous solution of the disinfectant is acidic. Long-term use will reduce the pH value of the water. In addition, the growth of organic matter, human sweat, saliva, the addition of pool sediment, and acid rain will make the pool water. The pH drops.
If the pH value is too low, it means that the acidity is too high, which may adversely affect the skin and respiratory tract of the human body, causing physical discomfort. If the pH value is too high, it will reduce the activity of disinfectant in water and affect the disinfection and sterilization effect. At this time, it is necessary to use a pool conditioner to raise the pH of the pool water.

Packaging specifications:
5 kg / bag, 20 kg / carton, 25 kg / bag

3. Dosage:
When using a pool pH regulator to increase the pH of swimming pool water, each increase of 1.0 is dosed at 15 grams per cubic meter of water, that is, adding 15 kg of regulator can increase the pH of 1000 cubic meters of water by 1.0.

Product storage:
Store this product in a dry, ventilated and cool place indoors, and do not get wet. Do not mix with strong acids and alkalis.

V. Product transportation:
Swimming pool algicide is a conventional product, non-dangerous goods, suitable for routine transportation. Handle gently during transportation to avoid damage to the packaging.

Six, matters needing attention:
1. Please bring a protective sample when using, do not directly contact the skin to avoid burns.
2. When dissolving, first use bucket water and then slowly add the regulator, stirring while adding.
3. Sealed and stored dry to prevent deliquescence.

The best pH range of swimming pool water is 7.4-7.6 (the national regulation range is 6.8-8.2), because this pH value will not cause irritation to human skin and eyes, and it is more comfortable, and within this pH range, it can guarantee The disinfection effect of the disinfectant can keep the remaining chlorine for a longer time.