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Calculation of Disinfectant dosage of Delan Blue Pool Swimming Pool

Source: Telan Chemical Date: 2018-11-07 15:29:49

的使用量以及它的使用方法很是讲究,游泳池消毒剂的投放量还要根据泳池的大小来投放,下面德蓝化工小编通过科学的计算方法来告诉大家怎么去正确投放游泳池消毒剂。 The amount of swimming pool disinfectant and its use are very particular. The amount of swimming pool disinfectant is also based on the size of the swimming pool. Agent.
Maintenance methods for daily disinfection of Delanjing pool swimming pool disinfectant:
Daily maintenance of swimming pool disinfectant medication means that when no one swims, the pool water must maintain a certain residual chlorine (0.3-0.5).
Many swimming pools use a pool disinfectant once after work in the evening and then re-administer it when it opens in the afternoon of the next day. Most of these pools have no residual chlorine at around 9 am the next day, so during this time, bacteria and algae ( Moss) will grow wildly, so the amount of pool disinfectant to be added during the opening time will need more amount to eliminate bacteria and algae produced during this time. If the corresponding dose is often not reached, then for a long time Accumulation can cause water quality problems such as muddy water, greenishness, or moss on the wall.
For the weather in Guangdong, the average residual chlorine drop of an ordinary swimming pool during the day is about 0.2-0.3. We calculate it based on 10 hours. The residual chlorine in the pool water must be at a concentration of 2.0-3.0 to ensure that there is residual chlorine during the day. The formula for calculating the dosage of disinfectants in swimming pools is:
Dosage per day = (amount of pool water × concentration to be reached) ÷ content of pool disinfectant medicine
Example: For a 2000 square swimming pool, the daily dosage of the pool disinfectant for daily water quality maintenance = (2000 x 3.0) ÷ 90% = 6666 grams, or 6.5KG.
The above is the amount of medication for routine maintenance. In addition, the consumption of swimming pool disinfectants must be calculated.
Swimming pool disinfectant consumption amount = (number of swimmers per day × 10 grams) ÷ content of swimming pool disinfectant
If there are 300 swimmers per day:
Bathers consume swimming pool disinfectant every day = (300 × 10 grams) ÷ 90% = 3333 grams (3.3KG)
That is to say, a 2000-cubic swimming pool is calculated based on 300 swimmers per day. The daily disinfection dose for a normal swimming pool = 6.5 + 3.3 = 9.8KG
的使用量,觉得有用的小伙伴抓紧时间收藏了吧,如有哪里不明白的还可联系我们德蓝化工厂家。 The above is the introduction of the scientific calculation method for the correct use of the pool disinfectant by Xiaobian. I find it useful to take time to collect it. If you do n’t understand, you can also contact us.
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